<p><i>Butler/Lindgård is a Swedish design studio specializing in textile design. In our web store you can find design products and one-of-a-kind artifacts, - most of them&nbsp;handmade by the two of&nbsp;us.&nbsp;&nbsp;</i></p><p><i>Our works commonly emerge out of an analog sketch process where we collaborate close to each other, with materials in hand. Creative moments are sparked by an unexpected issue or a comic observation. The two of us normally work in close proximity, in a nearly symbiotic state where “mine and yours” is blurred and replaced with “we”. We draw and paint on the same paper, alternately or simultaneously, while maintaining a continuous and reflective conversation regarding colors, rhythms, and tones. Now and then you might be able to find unique&nbsp;pieces from our sketching process in the shop.&nbsp;</i></p><p><i>The work of Butler/Lindgård is not exclusively in fiber form, but always emerges from a textile point of view.</i></p><p><i>Hope you'll love our stuff as much as we do!</i></p><p><i>/Hanna &amp; Karin</i></p>
Contact: butlerlindgard@gmail.com