T R A C E S -Golden mimosa linnen throw 250 x 145

T R A C E S -Golden mimosa linnen throw 250 x 145

4950 SEK
Pattern: Traces
Color: Golden mimosa yellow
Product: Handprinted Linnen throw, 145 x 250 cm (+/- 5%) This is a one of a kind product. –It was dyed, printed, fringed and sewn by Hanna and Karin in a delicate proces where different components make sure that every single piece becomes uniqe. Love, laughter and sisterhood was also important parts of the process.

About the design: The surface design is an investigation of the representation of human bodys in public spaces. The pattern is the result of a choreographed dance and movement experiment, where our bodys and movement patterns made patterns on to the floor.

‘Traces’ is part of the Butler/Lindgård #titsnassproject.
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